Friday, May 27

Friday's Feast Forty-Nine

What job would you definitely not want to have?
I definitely would not want to be a prosecuting attorney; not only would I hate it, I would totally suck at it.
Oprah calls and wants you to appear on her show. What would that day's show be about?
The only Oprah worthy topic from my life to date is surviving stillbirth and I would decline the invitation.

Name 3 vegetables that you eat on a regular basis.
Only 3? Well, today I've eaten broccoli, spinach, and sweet potatoes and I eat them all quite frequently.

Main Course
If you were commissioned to rename your hometown, what would you call it?
(For this I'm refering to my town of orgin, not Austin) I would rename it Wiltwyck; because that is the name it had before it became part of the British Colony and in very important to the area's cultural identity.

If you had a personal assistant, what kind of tasks would you have them to do?
I see the idea of a personal assistant is to make me more productive. So I'd give mine a whistle and to help keep me focused, motivated, and on schedule. I'd also have him/her handle all the paperwork, phonecalls, and nitpicky details that life involves. Kind of like a cheerleading secretary.

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Easy E said...

I didn't know that sweet potatoes counted as vegetables! I hope you're enjoying your stay in Austin. :) As you can tell, I'm a native Houstonian but I go to college at UT so I prefer to call Austin my home though I'm stuck in Houston for the summer.

Ellen said...

Wow, surviving a stillbirth must be incredibly difficult. I'm so sorry...

(I think I'd decline an invitation from Oprah, too.)

Lora said...

Thank you Ellen, technically it was "death in utero" so we had about 24 hours to emotionally prepare before I delivered him. It was a very unplanned pregnancy and was almost seveen years ago. I feel very awkward talking about it, but as my husband and I have recently decided to stop preventing (not quite ready to say trying), I find that it is really on my mind. I'm terrified.

Jill said...

I would be worried too. Just to encourage you, I have an acqauintance who's first or second child was stillborn, and she went on to have 3 or 4 more kids, no problems. She did have them delivered a bit early, though, for peace of mind.

David is home safe and sound, and had great digital pix to show, my favorite being a statue of a little boy peeing. Reminds me of Noah, always running around naked.

Anonymous said...

It makes a lot of sense that you'd be remembering your son since you're at a place where you might become pregnant. Your fear is very understandable. Best wishes for a successful pregnancy as you find yourself ready. I hope you will find safe places to discuss your fears and memories, as I imagine actually being pregnant will only bring them more front and center.


Barry said...

Thanks for visiting my site and commenting!

I'd love to have a cheerleader for a secretary, too, but I think I would be too distracted all day long and my wife would probably kick me out...

Oh wait, that's not exactly what you meant, is it? ;)

Lora said...

Barry- Ha!

Jill- That's always reassuring. I hope you get to spend some nice quality time with David over the weekend.

Ellen - Thank you. I really am quite optimistic. It was such a stange situation that I really think that the chances of repeating are slim. I'm trying to start talking about it again so that I can deal with all of my emotions and fears in a healthier manner. I haven't quite started talking about it, but writung about it is a good beginning.

Kristina said...

Lora - I'm so sorry for your loss. And I wish you every wish possible for an easy and healthy pregnancy and delivery when the time is right. *hug*