Saturday, May 28

I don't think I'm a Texan yet

Well, it's official. We have now lived in Texas for one year. I have to stop saying I'm new here. We have every intention of making Austin our home and I think I need to start identifying it as such.

I went to the Texas Bloggers site and found a post called "Are you a Texan?" and frankly, I didn't get most of their jokes and certainly didn't understand the comments people left. So I think I'll just lurk there a little bit longer before I try to join their group.

Austin's a little bit different the the rest of Texas, and much more like what I'm use to. I think I'll focus on making Austin my home, then we'll see about the rest of the state. So, in celebration of our first year here I have joined the Austin Bloggers Webring. You'll see the ring link in near the bottom of my side bar.

Duty suddenly call me away from the computer right now, but I'll try to post something else a little more celebratory later this evening.
UPDATE: I didn't get a chance do anything a little more special. So I went in corrected some of my typing errors (sorry that there were so many) and brightened this things up with this photo of the Austin Skyline as seen from the south side of Town Lake, near Zilker Park.

That's it. For a city of our population we really don't have a big skyline. I was told there use to be a law saying do building could be built higher then the State Capital building, which unfortunately is blocked in this picture. I believe the abolished it sometime in the 80’s and that's why all the tall buildings are so new. There are plans for more tall buildings downtown, but I really enjoy our lack of them. It makes helps Austin maintain the cozy atmosphere that I so love about it.


Julie said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Sal said...

It's funny how long it takes to feel at home. I've been in VA for almost nine years, and I'm just thinking now that it feels like home.

Catez said...

Happy Anniversary Lora!

Lora said...

Thanks y'all!

Sal- I've moved around my whole life and one thing I've learned is that I have to get comfortorble and make a new place home as quickly as possible. If I don't then I just never really connect with it and I really don't like that.

Aho said...

you could pick up texas monthly's "how to be a texan" vol.2. i did while in the airport last week, it is interesting.
found your blog through a few links.
former texan, now carolinian,