Wednesday, May 25

My neighbor's birdhouse

Each morning, I go out on to my patio to check my plants and see in what way they need attending to; and each morning, my eyes look over to my neighbor’s space and I just have to catch my breath.

Having very busy lives, they really don’t use their patio space. It’s somewhat bare and looks a little overrun and neglected, except for their little birdhouse.

I think they must have received it as a gift. It just doesn’t fit in with the rest of their lifestyle. Sometimes I feel like I should find out, so that I can send that thoughtful giver a thank you note. It’s really very simple and it doesn’t house any birds, but it could.

For some reason it just warms my heart and I can’t help but smile. Something about it makes me feel safe and at peace, perhaps it’s the little welcome sign.

I’ve thought about finding a birdhouse for my own yard, but it just wouldn’t be the same.


Julie said...

That is a cute little welcome sign. :)

J Bo said...

What a cute house! My daughter would say that it's a house for the fairies. :)

colleenR said...

I love birdhouses and have several. I thought "road hard and put away wet" was something my son and his friends made up! Hey, let me know when you decide what enneagram type you are. And you can glance through number 5 if you want to know EVERYTHING about me. My husband is a ONE (perfectionist/reformer who sees what is wrong because he wants to make it right/all or nothing type) which explained a lot and gave me compassion and understanding for him.

Sue said...

What a gorgeous photo! I love birdhouses too, but with four cats (not to mention seven kittens and plenty of other feral cats around) it wouldn't be fair to lure birds to our garden deliberately. One of our cats manages to catch birds in trees as it is.

Lora said...

Sue your online! Glad you stopped by.

Colleen- I did look into the 5. I'm convinced that's what my husband is too. Especially after watching the videos. I do have some of those thoughts and traits. I'm leaning towards a 9, however I also have some very 4ish traits. Unfortunately, as much as I want to delve into it right now. I'm trying very hard to avoid it. I tend to get lost in things at the most inappropiate times and I really need to gear up for getting a better job.