Tuesday, May 24

Play with me!

Where has the day gone? It's amazing how quickly the day goes by when I get involved in a project. My current project is to get my self out of the restaurant business. As I have a few errands to run before my appointed time to have the Jeep back for Hubby, I'll share with you a toy I've had up my sleeve for a while.

I found it at verbatim a while back and thought it was cool. I love the self-portraits Karen and Kirsty did with it. I really want to play with this, but I must go to the grocery store first.

I'll post what I come up with this evening. If you create with it, please, let me know and I'll link to it or send me the jpeg and I'll post it for you here. Happy drawing!

UPDATE: Easier said then done. If I ever figure out how to get my drawing out of Micomedia Flash, I will gladly post it.


tapestrygirl said...

oh boy,now you've done it. i love this! i haven't saved anything yet, but when i do, i'll show! yes, horridly hectic. unfortunately with accompanying semi-migraine....ugh.

colleenR said...

I don't have the computer set up to see the toy.
More on the personality types though: The enneagram is the same way, in that the test is far from full-proof and it takes a little study to decide for some. Although with me there was no question. I wasn't surprised about the T in my M.B. outcome (INTJ same as your husband)because the eneagram reveals that I am a 5, also known as the thinker, observer, sage. I am intuitive but also I live in my mind...but not so much the linear part of it. I was a J by only 1 point over the P. I'll read more when I get a chance before making my final decision.

Julie said...

That's fuuuunnnnnnn! I'm going to see what I can make!

oceanskies79 said...

I did some works using Macromedia Flash. Those were done when my trial version was still not expired. But now with the trial version expiring, and lack of time to work on such works, I have not been doing any stuff using Macromedia Flash.

I found it fun to create works using Macromedia Flash. I hope you would get to enjoy some of that fun. Cheers.

colleenR said...

Hi Lora, I left a post for you on my site about the enneagram. Have a good day!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Lora, thanks for the comments that you have left on my blog recently about the book. That was assuring. Thanks.