Wednesday, May 18

My very first tomatoes

Aren't they just so adorable?
My pepper plant is working hard to develop pepper like shapes, soon, very soon.
No sign of cukes yet, but if only half the blossoms develop, I'll still be making a big batch of pickles.


Julie said...

Aww, they're really cute. :) Thanks for the good wishes!
When did you guys live over here?

Lora said...

We did two tours in England, both my father and step-father were in the Air Force there. We spent 6 years there in three year blocks, and left December of 1981. Just recently enough that they still won't let me give blood.

Catez said...

My neighbour grows tomatoes. He lets me pick as many as I want. I'm very into tomatoes as a consequence. Homegrown are the best.

Sue said...

Oh wow, it's so exciting when you see the first baby tomatoes! I hope they continue to grow and flourish. And what a great photo!

Stephanie said...

Excellent! And that's a great photograph.