Sunday, June 5

Changing moods

I woke up in a grumpy mood and started to write a long rant. It was just cathartic enough for me to realize that I really didn't want to post it. So instead I'’m going to go call my mother and whine to her see how she'’s doing. I mailed her a surprise on Thursday that she will not have received yet. I wonder if I'’ll make it through he whole conversation without telling her about it? Probably not, but it will be fun trying.

As far as I'm concerned, focusing on the negative is only useful if it's going to help you find a solution. If I'm not looking for a solution the negative just becomes burdensome and annoying and why would I want to subject the kind people who read my blog to that? I'’ll check in later with a better outlook and a nice little meme that I want to give more thought to before I post.


colleenR said...

Hi Lora, Hope your call to your mom was good. About your name...I read once that Barbra Streisand's career took after after she dropped the extra "a" in "barbara." Lora and Laura sound the same but they do look different. Lora does look freer or more glamorous. And...I totally agree about paper and computer. They can work will together. But I have to start with paper to flesh something out.

Julie said...

I think a good rant is deserved and, as you said, cathartic at times. If you want to rant, we'll listen! :)