Saturday, June 25


A little something to help me find my calm.

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Yesterday was an organizing day. I took care of paperwork, bill paying and stuff that I have been neglecting to do. I still have more to do, because I’ve been letting things slide. I really can’t stand paperwork. I get so caught up in all the little details of that it takes me forever to get things taken care of. However, the fires are put out, and with just a mild effort things will be back in order again. I really need to simplify.

Today is what I call a housekeeping day, not housework, housekeeping. I’m tired and needed a day off, but I’m too wound up to relax. All these little things that need to be done regularly to keep things on my smooth flowing plan just haven’t been done lately. Intellectually, I understand that my world does not have to be in perfect order and does not have to run smoothly. But when I’m tired every little item that’s out of place or surface that that is buried in my paperwork feels like a tornado. I should add these are not my husband’s messes or his duties.

So, I’m not taking the day off. I’m plodding along at a very slow place, trying to be a tortoise. I’m doing five minutes of pick up here and five minutes of organizing there and then stop for a cup of tea. Part of me wants to tear things apart and reorganize, but at this point in time that would just be a disaster that’s a big project and I just don’t have the will to see something like that through.

We have decided not to move apartments this summer, as we had been discussing and have renewed our lease for another six months. However, we are going to get a small storage unit. Soon, very soon, I will start weeding things out to put in there and collect things to bring to goodwill; and once again I will breath easier, but today is not that day. I know other people live in much more crowded and cluttered conditions and it doesn't effect them.


terrilynn said...

I'm one of those who cannot deal well with a chaotic environment. Right now my office is in a bit of a mess and it's driving me nuts. Whenever I get to a point where my work slows down a bit, I do a big purge of the office to get ready for the next wild time.

Unfortunately, the two with whom I share living quarters do not share my problem with clutter and chaos, and theirs is a source of stress for me more often than necessary.

tapestrygirl said...

i love the flower. looks like it's going up quite happily!!!!

Sue said...

Oh, that sounds like a good day to have. I tend either to be very busy (usually with a deadline for someone ocming or going) or else I collapse and do nothing other than read. So maybe I'll try a housekeeping day too. Thanks for the inspiration!

RANDI said...

Hi Lora,

I want to thank you for the respectful comment of disagreement you left on my blog. I have only recieved one of those a few months ago and it was absolutely rude and left anonomously. It seriously hurt my feelings!

I am of the opinion that if we can't have calm discussions of disagreement, things will NEVER change, so I appreciate you thoughtful words and I hope to find out more of your opinions as time goes on!!!

crystal said...

I like your attitude about it all. It must be a relief to know you're not moving soon, and that you have time to deal with de-cluttering! Last year we moved from a huge 2 bedroom apartment to a tiny garage apartment, and we dropped off loads and loads at Goodwill. It was nice to go through things, and decide whether they still belonged in our lives. Paring down is fun sometimes.