Friday, June 24

The World's Shortest Personality Quiz

You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.
You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.
Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.

The World's Shortest Personality Test

I haven't done a personality quiz in a while. I like this one.


colleen said...

I'll check it out. I really liked the one that said I was like Kramer. I left you a comment on my site. Still talking about tea. Drinking it right now too.

colleen said...

That was fun. The Lovelink will love it. (mine was the pale pink rose).
You are pure, moral, and adaptable.
You tend to blend into your surroundings.
Shy on the outside, you're outspoken to your friends.

You believe that you live a virtuous life...
And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.
As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

andrea said...

hey, that was fun. I couldn't decide which one I was really drawn to but ended up choosing the top middle (orange with circular patterns)... it was a little bit me, a little bit not. decided to try it a couple of different times (I know, I cheated) and chose the top left (deep red) and bottom right (the one you chose). very interesting results.

colleen said...

Wow....Jerry Brown and dylsexia...We REALLY do have some things in common. No wonder we found each other!

Lora said...

I always play with the results on these quizes just to see the other options, but I post my first responses,unless it's way off.