Monday, June 6

Moody Monday: Spontaneous

While this may not be the best photo. It's a photo I took spontaneously of strangers while walking in the park. Young triples are not a sight that most of us often get to see and I happened to be lucky enough to have my camera with me.

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madatadam said...

cute to see triples(never seen them in real life)... and thanks for the info on MBTI... found i am an INTP and am now recommending the test to other friends... and hope you are feeling much better now... have a good time!

Julie said...

Sweet pic! I had a neighbor a few years ago with infant triplets--WOW! I only had one at the time and couldn't get over how hard it was to get anything done with 3. It would take the poor girl 10 minutes just to get them in their car seats. We ran lots of errands for her. :)