Tuesday, June 14

Mozilla-Firefox Security Hole

A security flaw has been announced in Firefox 1.0.4, Mozilla 1.7.8 and Camino 0.x browsers. Read about it here.

The Mozilla Project moderator said "To protect yourself, close all other windows/tabs before accessing a site where you routinely put in a secure password (your bank or PayPal account), or your bank or credit card details (e.g., Amazon), or other sensitive data,"

Seems simple enough of an adaptation, but I thought I should help spread the word.

Hat Tip to TheBisch.


Sue said...

Oh great :-( I was persuaded to use Firefox about six months ago by three or four people who told me IE was full of security holes. So I thought I was safe from hacks and stuff. I really don't understand this stuff but it sounds as if I might as well not have bothered to make the change. Sigh.

colleen said...

Came via Nearest Distant Shore today...so many entry points in the web. I'll have to check out Switched at Birth too. In the spirit of one good meme deserving another, I've tagged you back. Check it out at my site if you feel inclined and don't feel obligated. I'm working on my book meme post today.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for that... I had no idea!

oceanskies79 said...

This is news. Thanks.