Wednesday, June 15

NPR, PBS and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

There is a vote going through congress that could eliminate all federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting within two years, starting with a 25 percent reduction in CPB's budget for next year. Understandable cuts need to be made somewhere, but 25% is a huge and sudden cut in funds that will be very difficult for public stations to recover from. Read more about it here.

The vote is come up very soon, tomorrow I think. Please consider signing this electronic petition.


colleen said...

Hi Lora, I'm never sure about the truth of these NPR is in jeoporady things...but it seems this one is true. I got information about it in my mailbox from reliable folks. About my siblings. There were 9 of the odds are good that I can get a few of them to my blog occasionaly. My brother Bob has only commented twice and it's always a treat and shocks me a little when he does. He's a lurker. 4 of my siblings have come to my blog so far, but not daily by any means. Part of the reason is that we belong to an email group (started when my brother Danny was dying...and we now don't go a day with someone posting) and I copy and paste each day's entry and mail it to them. From day one I wanted them to come to my took a while. Kathy had a blog before me. She's A Particlular Persistant Point of View.

tapestrygirl said...

sounds like a huge public publicity stunt. the grandest 'telethon' ever. i'd be very surprised if an admin with NCLB would cut anything that has to do with early learning.

Lora said...

Colleen- Move on is where I got this information and where the petition is with, but they have far surpassed their goal of signitures by now.

Jules- By NCLB are you refering to the No Child Left Behind Program?

This is a budget vote in the United States Congress, not a fundraising pledge. It's not NPR and PBS that are going to suffer; it's the small stations that serve a public service in poor rural areas that will be hardest hit.

Stephanie said...

I would personally rather donate (and I have, to PBS, several times) than fund through federal taxes. Let PBS and NPR compete in the public arena of ideas and commerce and sink or swim on their own merits. I value PBS (less so, NPR) and will continue to pay for something I find to possess value.