Tuesday, June 7

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Favorite Things to Snack On

This is actually the topic for last week's Ten on Tuesday. I had Lyn do it on our little road trip last weekend as something to keep him awake and thinking as he drove. I like the topic, but never got a chance to post our responses.

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So, these are Lyn's ten favorite things to snack on:
  1. Chocolate chip cookies, any kind- homemade, bakery or packaged
  2. Fruit bars (Nutragrain style, but neither flavor or brand matter)
  3. Fresh fruit, he stresses that it needs to be good and in season
  4. Pizza, anytype, any time, but it must be hot
  5. Peanut butter sandwiches, made with chunky peanut butter
  6. Nuts, any kind except walnuts
  7. Ice cream, especially coffee with chunks of chocolate
  8. Pretzels
  9. Cheese, sharp cheddar, especially in the form of cheese toast
  10. Tea, English breakfast with cream and sugar
And these are my ten favorite things to snack on:
  1. Yogurt (Stonyfield or Brown Cow: Plain, Vanilla or Lemon) with fresh fruit or frozen berries
  2. Smoked almonds
  3. Pistachios, in shell
  4. Newman's Own Salt and Pepper Round Pretzels
  5. Stringless sugar snap peas
  6. Fresh fruit, especially apples and pears, cut up
  7. Frozen bananas slices
  8. Somekind of whole grain flatbread or cracker, usually with Laughing Cow Light Cheese
  9. Homemade vegetable soup (a habit acquired during my Weight Watcher days, I try to keep some in the freezer at all times)
  10. Kashi Go -Lean Bars I normally keep some kind of snack bar in my purse so that I avoid a starvation stop at a convenient store and where I usually end up with a Snickers 'cause I'm a ditz and forget to eat
I'm also a huge ice cream and dark chocolate hound, but in my mind they are deserts not snacks. I don't enjoy greasy processed snacks.


colleen said...

I have blood sugar issues and have to always have a snack available. I make peanut butter balls...with a little honey, oatmeal, chocolate chips and mosty peanut butter. They have really been a lifesaver. They work for me because they are quick energy with protein.

Lora said...

You'll notice there were many carb/protein mixes on my list. Why I don't have blood sugar problems, they run in the family and I'm particularly sensitive to the highs and the lows.

J Bo said...

Ooh...those Kashi Go Lean bars should be renamed Kashi Go Poop bars! Fiber! Fiber! Fiber! They are actually too much for me to handle, but my daughter loves them!

Paula said...

When I worked at the Kellogg Research Institute there was a whole wall of product we could help ourselves to any time of day and a kitchen/dining room to sit and eat in. I'm a "Kashi Go Lean Monster." yum