Monday, July 25


I offer an apology to some of my foreign readers on the complete lack of consideration in my most recent post. Currently, in the United States, it is impossible to be unfamiliar with Lance Armstrong. This is only a little more true here in Austin, where the morning show radio DJ’s were debating exactly which road to name after him. I think Livestrong Loop was declared the favorite.

To keep it very brief:
Lance Armstrong is the 7 time consecutive winner of the Tour de France, the grueling bicycle road race that happens each July across Frnce. This is not a sport that Americans usually excel at, having only one American winner before Lance. Last year with his 6th win he took the record of total number of wins and he announce earlier in the year that this year's Tour would be his last. So he retired with all eye's on him and a huge hurrah.

What he is best known for is that before his first win he suffered from and underwent treatment for testicular cancer. He has gone on to have a family, written two books about his exerience, and set up the Lance Amrstrong Foundation, a hugely popular support organization for people undergoing cancer treatment commonly refered to as Livestrong. Now divorced, he also happens to be dating rock star Sheryl Crow. This morning the radio DJ’s were also speculating on the possibility of him running for the Governor of Texas. With his current popularity he would most likely win.

If you are interested in reading more, there’s lots about him on Wikipedia.


Sue said...

No need to apologise! I don't think it's because I'm not American that I hadn't heard of this guy. It's because I don't have the slightest interest in sport of any kind, and I don't watch TV. I skim news online at the BBC site (avoiding anything remotely sporty) and listen to the world service occasionally on the radio, but as soon as anything to do with sports comes on, I switch off. As does my husband who has even less interest than me in sport!

Catez said...

We've heard tons about him here in New Zealand - he's amazing.
Oh - did you hear about Michael Campbell winning the Golf? He's from here so it was big news - I think maybe it was big sports news in the US.