Friday, July 22

Friday's Feast: Fifty-Six

What kind of car do you drive? If you could make an even trade for any other car, what would you want to drive?
I currently drive a Jeep Cherokee, which I really like. However, I'd like something a bit more environmental friendly. I guess the Toyota Highlander Hybrid would be the best option available, although I really, really like Volkswagens.

Take your phone number and add each number together separately (example: 8+6+7+5+3+0+9=38) - what's the total?

When were you last outside, and what were you doing?
About an hour ago, bringing groceries into the house. It's an exciting life, I tell ya.

Main Course
What is your favorite restaurant, and what do you usually order there?
I really enjoy going to Kerbey Lane Cafe (Central Location). So far I've only gone there for breakfast and I get always get some type of omelet. They have an extensive omelet menu, but I'm told their pancakes are fantastic. They aren't fancy, but they are comfortable and funky. Plus they're affordable enough to meet up with friends on a regular basis. I just saw J Bo on her way through town. Had I been thinking I would have taken her there. Next time.

Name 3 things in which you occasionally indulge.
A glass of red wine with dinner.
Afternoon coffee at Starbucks with a really good book.
A square of good quality dark chocolate, although I must admit that one square often becomes several and that lately it's been more than occasional treat.

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain


tapestrygirl said...

so glad to see you feastin again sista! oxoxoxo

J Bo said...

I am going to have to do this one! Yes, another time we will get to dine!

Hey, Scott and Darian ate on 6th street tonight. They went to a place called Louie's which Scott said was really good. Have you been there?