Saturday, July 23


The past couple of days have been quite busy. Yesterday we got a new zippy storage unit set up and almost everything we want moved there is. At this point there are merely out of our living space, but I hope to go through everything so that it is better organized and more accessible. I’m also hoping to weed out some excess, but I fear that with other priorities that it is not going to happen immediately and therefore it is unlike to happen at all.

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My Grandfather's funeral was today, up in New York. Having made the recent trip up to see him while he was in hospice, regretfully I was able to make another trip up for it, but I’m sure he and the rest of the family understand. I’ve been playing phone tag with my mother this today, but I assume that she and my brother were both able to go. There is also going to be a family gathering in his final home in Maryland on Monday. I’m afraid that many of us are not able to make it for that due to other duties, but it’s a nice touch for those that can make it. As both a WWII and a Korean War veteran they were planning to do military honors for him, a nice touch that would have meant a lot to him. Even as a pacifist who abhors guns, I can appreciate the symbolism behind this.

Lyn and I went up to the flying field today. He launched a new model airplane. While there I managed to take some short video on my camera, which I am hoping to figure out how to get hosted on the net. I will get some photos and facts up for everybody to show off in the next couple days. I have to say he did a nice job. This also gives me at least two if not three weeks before he starts constructing his next project and without balsawood sawdust all over everything. I guess I better dust so I can enjoy it while it lasts.

I begin orientation for my new job on Monday. I have to admit I’m nervous, real nervous. I’ve always been one to get jittery before changes and big events in anticipation. I just hope that I’m able coax myself to sleep Sunday night so that I am well rested and on my toes. I know this job will be a challenge, but it is one I feel I’m well prepared for. Although I will quickly be moving up to an evening shift, my first week will be normal 9-5 hours and a forty-hour week. That will be a nice change of pace, as I can tell you when the last time that happened.

Tonight is my last schedule restaurant shift. I’m still going to pick up an occasional shift to help out and for the extra cash. However, I hope that my future presents me with much more interesting and meaningful challenges.


Anvilcloud said...

Good rest and good luck.

Michelle said...

I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I do hope all goes well with your new job. I wish you lots of rest and I am sure everything will work out fine.

utenzi said...

Good luck with the new job, Lora. I'm sure you'll help the kids quite a bit. You 'INFJ' types are good at that. Well, maybe not the "J" part.... but I could be biased 'cause I'm a 'P'.

J Bo said...

You will do very well tomorrow, Lora! Congrats again to you!

Oh, and you can upload your video using JussPress. Of course, I am too lazy to copy and paste right now, but if you google, you will find it. Really easy to use!

Lora said...

Thank you all! I'm going to pack in early tonight so that I might get sme sleep.

Bearette24 said...

Good luck Lora!

Pearl said...

Glad his life is being honored in a way your grandfather would have appreciated.

How was your first day at the job?

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, it is a nice touch to do military honours for your grandfather. I would agree it would have meant a lot to him.

Sounds like there has been quite a lot of changes in your life. I wish you well. My thoughts are with you.