Saturday, July 2

The Sims 2: Adventures in Cyberia

By chance you aren’t familiar with it, I want to tell you about the The Sims and it’s somewhat recent remake The Sims 2. It is an immensely popular simulation game in which you create Sims, or characters, and bring them to life. You create people, Sims, to look the way you want. You decide their personality and their aspirations. They live; they die; they age, they have needs; and they reproduce. You create neighborhoods with shopping centers, and homes for them to live in. They go to school; they have careers; they retire. You may micro-manage their lives or you can let them pretty much do their own thing. The first addition was quite good, but this more recent addition blows it away in the sheer complexity. It has been out for less then year now and to date they have created just one expansion pack, The Sims 2 University. Each expansion pack they do will open up a whole new world of possibilities in Sim Nation.

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Panthergirl, of The Dog’s Breakfast, has done a very evil thing. She recently purchased The Sims 2. She created characters and families based on people from the blogosphere. Now, using the various screen shot and storyboarding tools the game provides, she has created a blog, Adventures in Cyberia, all about the lives of her Sims.

Did I mention that I am a Sims addict? The mere mention of the word and my heart quickens and I start salivating. I don’t play the Sims any more. It's not that I don't want to, but for me the Sims is like a black hole. I did not have to remove Sims 2 from my computer like I did with the original version. I caught myself after having lost only a month to the game. I did however, put a quiet end to all of my creations and deleted all record of them from my computer. If I want to have a life of my own, I can not play the Sims.

So now like a junkie. I have to check in and see how her Sims are doing. I get to think about playing it again, without actually playing. I still have my strategy guide I can coach and cheer from afar, that is enough.

I. Will. Not. Cave. In.


Sue said...

Oh wow, I'm SO like that with Sims too!!! We don't have Sims2 - for one thing my computer isn't powerful enough to run it, for another we all get addicted and waste so much time, me most of all. I love that game! On the other hand, I don't think I'll be visiting someone else's creations - I like to make my own. And build houses from scratch, and work everyone up through the jobs without any form of cheating.

panthergirl said...

Hehe...then don't go visit my site today, Lora! I'm asking for volunteers to take on some of the other blogger families. There's no way I can manage everyone. (Hell, I've already lost Heidi!)

Sue: I understand where you're coming from, but the reason people are enjoying my site is because the characters are based on real bloggers. I take pains to make them look and act like the real people! (as much as I can, based on whatever knowledge I pick up from their sites).

Maybe when Lora is a character you'll come visit? ;)

Angel of Music said...

LOL! I LOVE SIMS!!! I totally understand... we don't have it anymore.... Michele sent me.

terrilynn said... I so don't need any new obsessions, er, hobbies.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Lora, first, thank you for your support and concern over my health. I am appreciative.

I have never played the Sims, but I remember my brothers had used to play it.

Wow, I did not know how addictive the Sims could be. Imagine someone creating a blog about the lives of her Sims, who are based on people from blogosphere. It does make the "creator" feel very powerful.

Meantime, have a good weekend. Thanks again.

oceanskies79 said...

I meant to say if I were the "creator", I would feel a sense of power. then again, I try to steer away from games for I fear being addicted. I would rather be addicted to practising the double bass. *winks*

tapestrygirl said...

i have never played. i better not try, i get addicted to things too, but i have a good time managing lately, especially blogging, i'm using restraint.
where's your friday's feast babe? i missed it!!!

Lora said...

I'm trying to cut back a bit on my blogging to, that's why no Friday Feast this week.

I actually decided to uninstall the Sim 2 from my computer today just so that I don't get sucked back in.