Thursday, July 7

To those with friends in London:

I just logged on to the computer for the first time today and was greeted to news of the terrorist attack in London. I guess that it all happened about 6 hours ago.

All I can think of is September 11th and thank God it wasn’t worse, or it least doesn’t seem to be. Of course, my thoughts went out to the people I know and know of in the area. I’ve checked the English personal blogs I read, but only one has updated since the attacks and she is still waiting for news on a few people. My heart goes out to each any every one of you who sit there and wait for news.

I pray for safety and calm.


colleen said...

Hi Lora, I'm at my sister's house in Rockland Mass...Her blog is A Persistent Point of View (on my side bar). I'm at her daughter's computer and she's at hers and we're blogging side by side! We're about to have lunch and play scrabble.
Several of my brother Jim's photos have been published in weather magazines. Glad you liked it!

Catez said...

Thanks for this Lora. Brought teas to my eyes. I'm waiting to hear about two immediate family members in London. But if it was really bad I would have heard by now I think. And a friend over there was reassuring. Goodness - I thought I was past getting shocked by the goings on in the world. I guess not. This is a lovely post.

Contemplative Activist said...


Thank you for your concern and prayers. Fortunately, I have just heard from all of my friends and family - the last one emailling to say her phone broke down on the most unfortunate day ever!

Catez, I hope your family are safe. My thoughts are with those injured and those still waiting to hear.

Peace to all.