Thursday, September 8


Remember that beautiful Wildcat I showed you recently? It had an accident. He lost control of his ailerons and it took a nosedive into the ground.

What makes it worse is his other plane, The Cub, had an even worse accident just last weekend. The Cub went straight into the garbage bin; at least, parts of the Wildcat seem to be salvageable.

So currently my hubby has no planes in the air or under construction and he's already spent his airplane money for the month. It's a good thing his birthday is coming up.


Pearl said...

What goes up, must come down. Whole or in bits. Is rebuilding and repairing as much fun for him as from a new kit?

Lora said...

Oh it is, but I after he diconnected the important bits and cleaned up the rest it went back on the shelf, where I think it will stay for a couple weeks before be can tackle it again.