Tuesday, September 27


After the unfortunate equipment failure that resulted in the crash of my honey’s FM-2 Wildcat, he was left planeless for a while. However, he has rebuilt it, better, stronger, faster than before. Actually the biggest change is a paint job, which is much more visible from the ground. This paint change actually turns if from a Wildcat into a Martlet. The Martlet was a British Royal Navy flown Wildcat. I didn’t get the specifics on exactly which model and color scheme he was going for; no doubt he had one in mind. American built Martlets, in one form or another, were extensively used by the British throughout WWII.

He’s still busy working to discover what caused the equipment failure. At present his theory involves misplaced glue on a servo, which in my untechnical description is the little thing that makes a model airplane part do what the Radio Control is telling it to do.

After the diversion of a repair job he still hasn’t zeroed in on his next project. He was a few things in mind. But at present, he is having a wonderful time designing airfoil manifolds with Compufoil 3-D Software, which was the item on top of his birthday wish list. Monday was his 42nd birthday.

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utenzi said...

He's a cradle robber!

The plane looks quite good, Lora. I hope that his theory about the servos works out so that there'll be no more crashes!