Wednesday, October 26


Thanks to Utenzi, there are now rumors going around that I have been kidnapped. Not true! I’ve just been slacking a bit, but it has been much needed slacking.

It turns out that my “allergies” really were a cold, which got bad for a few days and now seems to be lingering. I have a tickling cough that goes into hyper-drive the moment I try to lay down to sleep. So if you can picture it, I’ve been sleeping sitting up for the past five nights. Good thing we have a swishy couch.

I called into work, not once, but twice. On the days that that I did work, I’ve been tired and have quickly slipped into bed as soon as I get home (or actually the couch to be more specific). My mornings have been filled with lots of practical things that need to get done. After all, we are closing on the house this Friday.

Our moving schedule has also been tightened up a bit. It turns out that somebody wants our apartment early, so we will be vacating next week and leave the fixing up of our house for later in the month. It saves us a bundle of money and I have to say I really do prefer to have the tighter deadline. I am one of those people who if you give a month to do something, will take me a month to do it. 29 days to plan it and one day to actually get it done.

In between coughs and sniffles, lots of good things have been happening too. I promise to post more info and picture soon.


Kel said...

sympathy with the cold
I'm at home with one too
a few doona days :)
but they are no fun when you're actually sick . ..

utenzi said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures, Lora. I'm sure the house is wonderful. And no doubt the changes the two of you will be doing will make it even better.