Tuesday, October 18

Very Busy = Very Happy

According to my husband I am happier when I am busy. I hate it when he is right.

I have many interesting things to talk and write about, but I’m currently in my talk a mile a minute mode so I can try to fit as much into as little time as possible. Those who know me well recognize it and wisely go running in the other direction when they see me in this mode.

Must try to go to bed and sleep now, busy happy day tomorrow, including more doctor’s appointments.


utenzi said...

Away, away! She's happy.

Julie said...

I'm the same way. If I have nothing to do, I get very lethargic and feel sleepy all the time. But if I'm busy (particularly doing something I like), I have all the energy in the world. I guess that equates to happiness?

Catez said...

I sat down with a coffee and caught up with about a month's worth of your posts - mid-Sep til now. Quite amazing - like a personal chat and partly like a magazine. Thankyou - I enjoyed that. And I'm glad you are happy too.

utenzi said...

I've heard the Lora has been kidnapped. How much do they want for her return?