Tuesday, October 18

Ragweed and Opportunities

The artwork of Preshaa.
My sniffles have subsided and I’m now pretty much convinced that I’m suffering from seasonal allergies and not a cold. It happened for a couple weeks last fall too, but I’m really not sure what it is I’m reacting to. Based on the local pollen reports it must be some sort of weed. I’ll have to mark it on my calendar for next year.

I’ve decided it is time to up date my resume again. They say that good things come in threes and in the past week three opportunities for growth have presented themselves with my present employer. Today, the person who makes the hiring decision on one of these positions approached me and asked me if I would be interested. I really was quite flattered. I like my current job, but I want more stability in my shifts and hours. Plus now that the newness has worn off, I’d really like to have a bit more of a challenge.

This one position involved greater responsibility, better pay, hours and stability, but not much more of a challenge. However, it’s a temporary situation although it would set me up to take advantage of similar opportunities in the future. The position I find the most interesting is a little further off, but it sounds like something I’d really learn a lot doing. I’m hoping that synchronicity may step in again and allow me to step into that position just as I’m leaving this temporary situation. Well, before I count all my chickens I guess I better go apply for the job. I wonder if I can still squeeze into my suit?


Bearette24 said...

Hehe ;) Good luck!

gypsy said...

Sounds like a good thing. Onward! Upward!

utenzi said...

That was all pleasantly vague, Lora. ;-)

I'm doing the allergy thing now also. It's a real annoying thing--and it happens every Fall. Late September to Mid-October in this part of the country. :-(