Sunday, October 16


It’s funny how days can start out one way and then turn into something totally different.

I woke up this morning feeling kind of crummy. Bad enough where I thought about called into work. Then I freaked myself out with all the horrible things that I could imagine having a cold could do to my child. Or may be I had strep, after all one of the kids at work had it. Despite my panicked state, after a nice cup of (decaf) tea I managed to convince myself to lie back down, get some more sleep and take it easy.

I’m so glad I did. I slept away a good part of the day, but arrived at work fresh, if a bit clogged up. I worked with a nice group of kids tonight. Nothing good happened, nothing bad happened, but somehow it turned into a very pleasant day. I've got a bounce in my step to prove it.

I’m still a bit stuffed up and I admit that I'm a little concerned about the effects of getting a cold on my fetus. In reality, I know that all I can do now is take care of myself, which I’m already doing, so I can recover quickly and not get sick again. I’m pretty sure it’s not strep, as my throat doesn’t even hurt anymore. While I know I’m better at hand washing then most of my co-workers, this little scare has kicked my into super-duper vigilant mode, a welcome reminder.


Pearl said...

Sounds like a good day for chicken noodle soup and a feel good movie.

utenzi said...

Your antibodies are circulating in your baby also, Lora. Not the B lymphocytes themselves, of course. They're too big to cross the placenta. But that gives your baby the same cell based immunity that you have.

J Bo said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather. It sounds like just a cold and baby jam, I am sure, is not going to start sneezing, too.

I went to Mexico when I was 5.5 months preg with Darian and came back with Montezuma's revenge. She was fine and has no memory of that experience. :)

Take care!

tapestrygirl said...

oh sweetie, stress would be worse than a cold!
your present is on the way this week, i promise, i promise!!