Wednesday, November 16

Attack of the Disney Princesses

I recently asked my sister-in-law what my dear niece wants for her 4th birthday. I’ve discovered that she STILL in the princess phase. Last year, it was adorable. This year it’s scary. I went shopping for her and all I could picture is my niece as an adult still waiting for her Prince Charming to ride in and sweep her off her feet.

I’d find something that I know she would love and then on my way to the register I would decide I just couldn’t do this to her. Then I would start the cycle over again. I took me much too long to pick out her gift. I did stubble upon a compromise, unfortunately this year my gift will not be the one she squeals with delight over, but that just goes to show how much of her attention I am willing to give up for her best interests.

I’m such a prude.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lora! I now know that if you have a girl she is going to be such a princess- it's just the way the world works :) Look at my little princess- nothing like her mama,that's for sure.


J Bo said...

Lora, you prude! Trust me, it is just a phase!!! My daughter lived in a disney princess dress for close to a year, her bedroom is painted in bippity boppity blue among other princess colors, yet she still knows that it is all fantasy. The she sees the gilded life her mother leads and she reconsiders. Bwahahaha!!!

A good book that we read when she was about 4 was called 'The Paper Bag Princess.' I *highly* recommend it!

Deb said...

I have a niece who's about 6 now and she still loves the princesses. Everything "princess". I went to great lengths to purchase things on Ebay in order to stick with the princess theme. Year after year after year lol This year there will be no princesses for her from me...instead there will be art supplies. She can draw her own darn princess ;~)

Bearette24 said...

So why do you think you're a prude?

Grace said...

here by way of humanyms

there is princess hope

the entertaining, well made film produced by Drew Barrynore "Ever After" has - my mainstream movie accessability without being offensive- stamp of approval as a feminist and a fan of Joseph Campbell.
good for age 9 and up.

When my neice was a lil girl I found arts and crafts that had the princess theme so that at least she was developing art technique/ creative skills.

have fun