Thursday, December 1

No More Evening Shift!

At work, I’m currently going through a shift transition. For the next six weeks, I’m scheduled to be in at 6:30 am, 9 out of 10 shifts. I’ve worked mostly evening shifts since I started this job in July and I did years of evening work before that.

I barely understand the concept of working during the day, but I love the idea. I’ve worked just enough early shifts recently to realize how wonderful they are. The promise of not doing them sleep derived is even more appealing.

I admit there are certain advantages to having your days free in that you can run all your errands during off peak times and avoid the lines and traffic. However, that’s about all and the pleasure of this wears off fast.

My pleasure at working days is twofold. You aren’t working in the evenings, so you can actually do things with people at night. Plus when you get you work done early in the day you feel productive and the other odds and ends that need to be done just take up less of your life.

When you know all day that you need to be to work at 2:30 pm, you are walking that fine line of not wanting to tucker yourself out so that you run out of energy at work and the need to get things done. Plus down time during the day feels like a guilt-ridden indulgence, but in the evening it seems like the right thing to do. Either way th same amount of stuff gets done.

We’ll see how I feel about it in a few weeks, but at least for the moment I’m hoping that I can charm the powers that be into making this a permanent transition. Imagine eating dinner with my husband almost every night! Plus I may actually be able to catch up with my long distance friends that I’ve been slowly loosing track of due to our opposite schedules. And lord forbid, I may actually get to watch an episode of West Wing and see if there are any other current television series that I’d might like. Normally my evening time is so precious I don’t dare waste it on television, and frankly daytime TV just doesn’t cut it for me.

Now I’m off to see what shows are on tonight. I’ll have to pull out a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and I’ll be all set for the evening.

PS. I looked over the listings and it's nice to know that I haven't been missing anything.


Bearette24 said...

what flavor Ben & Jerry's did you have?

utenzi said...

Congratulations on getting shifts that are more to your liking, Lora.

West Wing is on Sundays now, in case you haven't looked at it recently, and it's been 2 weeks since the last new show. Damn them! LOL