Friday, January 6


I don’t make New Years Resolutions. I like to spend the first few days of the New Year in a little more contemplative space then I normally have the opportunity to do. This year was no exception. I know I’ve been quiet on my blog, but I’ve been giving my paper journal a good work out.

One thing I tend to do is create a list of things I’d like to make happen over the next year. Normally when I look things over the following New Years I’ve gotten a couple of those things accomplished, but this year almost everything on my list has happened. I resumed my education; although I did later decide not to continue on the path I was on. I’ve gotten out of the restaurant business and into a field that I want a future in. I moved; buying a house seemed so far fetched at the time that it wasn’t even on my list. I’ve gotten pregnant. No, I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to lose before I got pregnant. I haven’t stuck with a good exercise program. I also have not reduced my debt and saved the money I had hoped too. However, all in all, 2005 was a very happening year for me. I actually can say the same about the past several years. Sometimes it feels like things are flying along at lightening speed.

I expect 2006 will whirl along even faster. However, the only real thing on my list of things to make happen this year is to have a happy and healthy baby and for my husband and I to be the best set of parents we can be. There are many things that I want to get done that will aide in that process, but all in all they are secondary. My mommy filter is on. My job, my house, my finances, my social life, all of these things, are no longer viewed in isolation. Each of these this I first ask myself is how do they fit into our family’s big picture. It really is an odd feeling. It’s like perhaps I am finally having to be an adult.


J Bo said...

You know, before our daughter came along, Scott and I can't really remember what exactly we *did*. It's like our lives were so empty without her.

You and Father Jam are going to excellent parents!

tapestrygirl said...

hola chika, missed ya! and I hear ya about the lightning speed thing...

Contemplative Activist said...

Best wishes for the new year Lora and for a happy, healthy pregancy & baby. :)