Tuesday, January 10


I’ve been rejected. For the first time in the life of my marriage my dear husband slept on the couch. It seems that I was snoring. And as he put it, it wasn’t even nice regular snoring. It was loud breathing with the occasional terrifying honk that would erase any hope he had of sleeping.

That was a couple nights ago. I slept propped up with pillows the following night, but he said he could still hear me from the other room. Tonight, my cold is getting better and I’m hoping to be able to sleep without disturbing him again.

I don’t usually snore. After the rejection I’ve experienced over this snoring episode, I’m quite glad that I don’t. Sleepy people are not very kind and understanding to snorers.


oceanskies79 said...

It could be a sleep problem that you are facing. Would seeing a doctor help?

Sue said...

I hope your cold gets better and that the snoring stops! I'm afraid I can sympathise with your husband, though: my husband snores sometimes, and I really hate being woken up by loud noises that prevent me sleeping again!! I usually just stuff my fingers in my ears (much too cold to go and sleep elsewhere) or give him a push to turn him onto his side. But if he has a cold, I suffer!!

Bearette24 said...

My husband used to snore and now he wears Breathe Right nose strips...you can get them at CVS...they work like magic!

My mother snored like nobody's business once when I was visiting her. I had to sleep at the opposite end of the house to block it out.

gypsy said...

I have recently been informed by my roommate that I am one heckuva snorer. I always thought I only did it when I was sick. I can't even use the excuse that I'm pregnant. It's rather embarrassing, really.

Tell that husband to SUCK IT UP!

utenzi said...

Could be your advancing pregnancy, Lora. As your size changes, things like sleeping and peeing adjust. Good luck with all those changes!

My girlfriend snores like a banchee and it's probably mostly due to being overweight. There's times when I have to go to another room to be able to rest though just moving a few yards away doesn't help sleep--it's just not quite as scary.

Lora said...

Well, I thought I had made it through the night without snoring, but when hubby got home from work he informed me otherwise. I picked up some Nasal Strips and I'll see if they help tonight. The embarassment of it all!

Contemplative Activist said...

A while ago, my partner was talking nonsense in his sleep every few nights. It only lasted for about 5-10 minutes so it wasn't a problem for my sleep.

Anyway, finding this all very funny, I moved my dictophone into the bedroom in the hopes of recording him next time. But he hasn't done it since. :(.

Hope your cold improves soon! I snore like a trooper when I'm bunged up.


Liz said...

I was always vain about the fact that I wasn't a snorer. Recently I've had some sinus trouble and I was mortified when my [heavy sleeper] husband told me I'd woken him up with my snarking.

Pride cometh before the snore?