Saturday, January 14

Shift Work

It seems that I may be, at least, partly back to my old sleepless nights again. I have to work early in the morning, but my head is spinning and I’m tossing and turning. It doesn’t help that I’ve been bouncing from one shift to another lately.

In an attempt to do my jobs in low risk areas last week I gave the overnight shift a try. I know that working overnights are considerably difficult for some people, but I really didn’t have too many problems adjusting. Sleeping during the day is where I have the difficulties, but by the end of the week I was getting it figured out. I don’t really like overnights though. There is so little patient contact, which I find to be the most rewarding part of my job. There is still a surprising amount of work to be done, but somehow it all seems disconnected from “real life” or should I say daytime life. So now I work a couple weeks of mainly evening shifts and then go back to overnights for a couple weeks after that. I only get to work overnights as a substitute for our regular staff, but right now I’m feeling grateful that I can still be useful.

I do have another opportunity to try for the psychometry position that I lost to better applicants a couple months ago. The supervisor decided she needed one more person and posted the job last week. I got my application into her immediately and am hopeful. I really don’t want to be rejected again. Rejection sucks. I really want to have the knowledge and experience that I would gain from this and I have no doubt that I would do a great job. I'm prepared to do a better job at presenting myself and hopeful I will be seen as the better candidate this go around.

But now I clock watch as I am wide-awake and my alarm clock goes off in 3 hours. I’ve just got to love shift changes.


Contemplative Activist said...

Really good luck with the psychometry job - it does sound like a good one for you!

Fingers crossed!

Contemplative Activist said...

Just a quick tip - having done a bit of psychometric testing myself - the testing itself isn't difficult, you can pick it up with a bit of practice. Being methodical and sticking to the instructions to the letter etc.

But there's a huge importance on putting people at ease, building rapport with them esp if they are anxious about the test etc. From what you just said about your current job, that really does sound like your forte! Good luck - I think you'd be great at it!

gypsy said...

I would LOVE to have a job in psychometric testing -- I love those things -- and I know you do too. My two day seminar in MBTI was one of my favorite things I've done in my professional life! You'll be great at it.

gypsy said...

In response to your comment:

Last time I took the test (admittedly, it was nine years ago or so) I was an ENFP, but the F/T was very close -- I was "on the cusp" as they say.

So, you are DEAD ON!! This is the job for you!!!