Wednesday, January 18

Belly Shots

This is a horribly unflattering picture, but it's the first belly shot photo I've had taken. This was actually taken almost a month ago on Christmas Day, I was just slow in posting it.
Anybody else having problems with Hello?

Well, it’s official. My belly has gotten too large to hide anymore. Instead of trying to hide my girth under baggy clothes, I get to show my belly off in cute maternity ensembles.

The middle part of pregnancy can really be rough on those of us with body image issues. I’ve already gained 25lbs, which I realize is more than I should have so far, but I know it will come off. What bothers me is that after years of hiding in baggy clothes which I shed a few years ago as I started to feel more and more comfortable with myself, I’ve absolutely hated going back to a body hiding wardrobe. I though it was the best thing to do with work, but no more; I’m free to wear what I choose again. Horray!

Plus, I’ve taken to visiting the local maternity consignment shops on a regular basis, which has been incredible fun. I’ve never bought myself so many clothes in such a short period of time, and for so little money. There are so many good consignment shops in Austin that I’m begin to wonder if I’ll ever let myself pay retail again.


Anvilcloud said...

You're looking mighty pleased with yourself.

Bearette24 said...

cute! when are you due?

BTW, we're planning a saturday dinner (Jan 28) in austin, i'll email you when i get more details.

gypsy said...

You look great!

I am a season thrift, second hand, and consignment shopper. I can't remember the last time I bought "new" clothes. Aside from the occasional tshirt from Target or bras, undies, and PJ's, it's all used.

Maternity -- that's the way to go -- you won't wear them long, they're like new, and you hate to spend a fortune on stuff you won't use much.

Happy thrifting!

crystal said...

You are TOO cute!

tapestrygirl said...

thank you!!!
you look beautiful babe

J Bo said...

How cute are you?!!! And I bought myself the same top, but in black!!!

Allison said...

You look absolutely adorable! Congratulations!

utenzi said...

So if that was a month ago, Lora, then you must really be showing now. I hope it's not too uncomfortable yet.

By the way, you really should have been taking profile shots all along. I'm sure you'd love to look back on them way off in the future, Lora.

terrilynn said...

Aren't you just the cutest thing! I hope you'll keep taking pictures. There are almost none of me when I was pregnant and I really regret it.

Catez said...

You look beautiful in this photo (and I'm sure you are beautiful). Cute indeed!

I am sorry I have gotten over here before now - I've been on summer holiday and just sporadically blogging myself. But I thought of you and was thinking that your pregancy is coming along. Wonderful.