Friday, February 24


I just got the most terrific news. My sister-in-law is coming stay with us next weekend and is bringing with her my wonderful niece and nephew. I last saw them in July and while I had a great, although limited, time with my niece, I didn’t really get to spend a lot of time with my nephew because at 16 months he was really in the whole stranger anxiety stage. Now at 23 months, I can spend a little time getting to know him better before I have my own little guy to worry about.

Maybe I'll be able to pick up a few good mothering tips from watching my sister-in-law in action too. She's doing a terrific job with them.


Bearette24 said...

"My own little guy" -- so you know it's a boy?!?!

J Bo said...

I meant to ask that earlier as your ticker is blue and you referred to baby as a 'him' a few posts past. You sly one, you.

Sue said...

I thought I had picked up lots of ideas about parenting... before I had my own. In the end I basically ignored almost everyone else's ideas and went with my intuition. It seemed to work! I'm sure you'll be a great mother - and make the most of it, time rushes by. Sigh.

tapestrygirl said...

ahem..little guy? are you a teaser?
finally caught up on your very busy blog...seems like things are just dandy for you and your man! I'm so happy for you. will talk soon, k love?