Thursday, February 23


One of the most amazing things about impending parenthood is what it does to your brain and your priorities. All these things that I have never given much thought to before sudden have become urgent to take care of; things like life insurance, finding the best pedatrician, and learning how to follow a budget.

Of course, some people were born knowing how to live within their means while most of us need to fall on our face a few (thousand) times first. So, now we have the life insurance stuff taken care of and it dawned on me we need to get wills together. Wills? When in my life have I ever even given a seconds thought to such a thing. Of course, a truly responsible person would have gotten this stuff figured out before they tried to get pregnant, but those are generally the same people that are born knowing how to live within a budget. I on the other hand will spend a lifetime planning for something given a chance, but need a good dose of reality with a concrete deadline for me to actually get those plans in line with what truly needs to get done. I’d kick myself over it, but I while I’ll never claim to be realistic, I take comfort in knowing that I’m generally more responsible then most (While at the same time I hate this trait of mine).

My big adventure for today: I went to Costco for the first time since I joined 3 months ago,just after buying the house that I just had to have after I found out I had succeeded in getting pregnant. What an easy place to buy things you don’t need. However, despite spending two weeks worth of my new budget's grocery money allotment, I think managed to keep it real. Yeah, right.

For some reason, I fear a big SUV in my future.


LostInTX said...

Just don't buy a GM :)

You know, I never made out a will either b/c frankly I don't have much to give away. I doubt anyone is pining over my measley possessions. I did, however, sign up to have my organs donated in case I die. That was hard to think about too since you have to pick what organs you want to give, etc.

Costco is great! I love it! I sometimes go w/a friend and we buy things and then split it down the middle. I mean really, I don't need 12 cans of tuna right now. If you ever want to do that let me know, I'm always game. The diapers are all yours, though. I don't anticipate needing those any time soon. :)

Mike said...

I'll go, but we'd have to see if they can do it over their system, since 1800 miles seperates us. Hmm, diapers. Don't we all need diapers?

J Bo said...

We never seem to get out of Cotstco for less that $100, with or without a list of things to buy. I have now left Costco to my husband as I tend to buy way more than my pantry can hold.

As for the wills, we didn't even make ours until after we bought our house, but had been meaning to after Darian was born. It had nothing to do with posessions, but guardianship and such. With the new on the way, and more property owned by us, we have to change it! Thanks for the reminder!