Wednesday, May 24

Nanny gets to feed Liam

Well, my mom left this morning. We had a really nice visit. In fact it was probably the best time we've had together since I reached puberty.

I’m glad that she got to spend some extended time getting to know Liam at this young age. Her assistance and encouragement was greatly appreciated, as was her company.


Pearl said...

Nice to get that extra set of arms. :-) Glad the visit went well.

utenzi said...

I know all the girls love the baby pictures, Lora, but let's not forget about those great pillows either. Moose are so cute on pillows! (Liam looks very nice too, of course, Lora)

Lora said...

Glad you like the pillows. My dear friend Carol made them for me. If you like moose just wait until I post a picture of the moose diaper cover she sent me. I have a thing for moose and she has taken it on as a personal mission to supply me me with moosey things.