Sunday, May 21

A Good Night's Sleep

Two nights in a row my little darling has actually granted me a full nights sleep. I’m in shock and could get use to this way to easily.

After his usual ordeal of eating every two hours for most of the night on Thursday, Friday night seemed like a dream. He only woke up three times and kept me up for no more than forty minutes at any of his meals. Last night, after tucking in at nine he woke up just twice, at one and at four and again went to bed easily each time. I woke up and took a shower this morning all on my own accord before he got up for breakfast at seven thirty. What a luxury.

The secret seems to be in getting him to eat enough during the day, which is every two hours at this point in time, and to encourage him to stay awake just as long as you can between naps without getting overtired. I’m learning.

Don’t worry I fully expect that it won’t stay this way, but I fully intend to enjoy it while I may.


Bearette24 said...

It's great you got a good night's sleep! May you have many more...

Sue said...

How wonderful! It sounds like he's getting beyond the 'newborn' stage of total unpredictability, and beginning to learn the difference between night and day. I hope it continues!

J Bo said...

Oh, I didn't think that happened until the fourth month! (I thought I had an anomily in Darian when she gave us peace at the tender age of 4 weeks.)

Here's to Liam staying on schedule- YOURS!!!