Friday, May 19

9 lbs, 4 ozs

Did I say that Liam was closing in on 9 lbs? Well, I was wrong.

Yesterday morning, just as I was getting ready to go pick my mother up from the airport, we made an “emergency” trip into the doctors. At his 6 am feeding, Liam’s eye had looked a little red. At his 9 am feeding, it was red and crusty. Of course, he was screaming for his next meal and I had the audacity to be trying to call the pediatrician’s office to find out what I should do. With him screaming in my ear, it felt like a panic situation at the time.

I’m pleased to say that it turned out that he just has a plugged tear duct, which I gather is normal and not something alarming or caused by my inexperienced mothering skills. She wrote a script for an ointment to have on hand in case it gets infected, but you could tell that the doctor wasn’t concerned. They weighed him while we were there and my tiny baby is becoming a small horse. He’s already up to 9 lbs and 4 oz, which is 3 lbs heavier then he was just three weeks ago. He’s gaining at over twice the expected rate. Why wonder it feels like he is eating all the time. He is.

Also, I once again must applaud his doctor’s office. I had an appointment for an hour and a half after I called them and when we got there he was in and out in fifteen minutes. That’s is line with a bloody miracle these days. So despite my worries that I was going to leave my mother stranded at the airport worried and all alone*, we got there with time to circle the parking garage for twenty minutes before we found a parking spot.

A nice practice run for when there is a true emergency.

*She doesn’t have a national calling plan on her cell phone so I couldn’t alert her to the situation. Grrr.


Bearette24 said...

I'm glad it worked out well. "Small horse" - hehe. I was 9 lbs when I was born. My poor mom. My brother was even bigger - close to 10.

LostInTX said...

Whoa! Small horse is right! I'll have to go see him soon. I can't believe he's that big now. Have fun with your mom!!!

utenzi said...

Wow. Over 9 pounds already. He's going to wear you out, Lora. He's going to be quite the heavy package to carry everywhere.