Thursday, May 18

A Stolen Moment

The biggest thing I’m having problems adjusting to in my new role is my total lack of time to putz around. I’ve always been a putter of sorts, but I guess it was a luxury that I just took for granted. However, now it seems that there is always something that must to be done, or someone that must to be attended to, or sleep that must be had. These are all important things, but a moment to just sit idle and do something of no consequence, well that’s what helps me keep my bounce. And we all know that tigers without their bounce aren’t very much fun. Liam is only 5 weeks old now and I realize the hope for time to putter is pretty unrealistic at the moment, but I pine for it terribly. At the same time, I know that somehow I always find a way to do the things that I truly find important, so for now I will relish this stolen moment and have faith that one will arise again soon.

It has been a busy week. Liam is growing like a weed. He’s starting to close in on nine pounds and are beginning to suspect he has a serious milk drinking problem that we didn't know about. I’ve added more photos to my flickr account and created a photo set just for him.

Liam turned one month old last Friday and I tried to write up this nice little post to sum up the month. In what limited time I had, it simply got away from me. I mean how do you sum up the most earthmoving, life-enriching month you have had in a few paragraphs? Each moment of it will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life.

On Monday, I was declared a normal person by my doctor. Little does she know. Meaning I no longer have restrictions beyond the limits of common sense. I guess that means I can start training for that marathon I was talking about doing. Not.

I managed to escape the pregnancy without too much physical damage. Except for a couple cup sizes thanks to breastfeeding,15 extra pounds, and a need to cross my legs when I sneeze I’m in pretty good shape. I did get a few new stretch marks, but as I have never been much of a bikini wearer I’m really not all that worried about those.

In just a couple hours, we pick up my mother from the airport. She’ll be staying with us for a week, one glorious week. Normally the arrival of my mother knocks me off kilter a bit, but this time I’m thinking she’ll actually add a sense of normality. One more set of hands, hooray. However, that doesn’t change the fact that no matter what I still need to feed or pump eleven times a day. I’m starting to have a lot more compassion for people who haven’t been able continue breastfeeding; in comparison to our convenience-ridden lives, it takes a huge commitment and we haven't had any real obstacles to overcome.

Well, I think I’ve gotten a proper putter in and my blood pressure is slowly returning to normal. Do note the loves flowers I got for mother’s day this year. I’ve gotten, and thoroughly enjoyed, more flowers in the past month then I’ve gotten in my life. I could get to use to this.


Sue said...

Lovely pictures on flikr, and gorgeous flowers too!

Don't worry, you'll get time to putter again in about 20 years...

Lisa said...

Pretty, pretty flowers!

Have a good visit with your mom!

Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like you're a normal new mother. Keep on enjoying these fleeting moments. Putter time lies ahead.

Anonymous said...

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