Friday, May 5

Settling In

The adrenaline officially ran out on Monday. I don’t think I quite realized that was what I was running on for the first two and a half weeks, but it was.

I also have lots of posts for you and tons to tell you about, but they are all either in my head or half written and now lost somewhere in my documents folder. I’m afraid at this point none of them will ever see cyberspace. Although it will be less poetic, I’ll try to run a highlight feature once I actually get this one up.

Things are much calmer now. We are all adjusting to our new lives together. I’m trying to settle in and get to know Liam a little bit better, so that I can understand what he is telling me and meet his needs a bit better. In my little bits of down time I’ve been reading a book passed onto me by my sister-in-law which is really helping me do that. “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with your Baby.” It offers lots of sage advice and, so far, that which I have put to use seems to be right on and has a much more realistic attitude then most of the baby books I've read.

Other then that it’s just getting through each day, hopefully a little bit more together then we were the day before, until we are thrown back into disequilibrium. I'm looking forward to my mother's visit in just two weeks and dreading that I will have to return to work eventually.

I think that it is just really beginning to dawn on me how much my life has now changed for good. After all these years as an independent operator, I’m having to learn a whole new way of doing things.

News for the weeks includes:

My little boy was declared perfect by his pediatrician.

Liam has also been labeled a good eater. Starting out at 5lbs and 11oz and only dipped down to 5lbs and 6 oz before he started to gain. He was up to 6 lbs and 4 oz at his two-week doctor visit. Last night when I step on the scale with him and then without him, there was a difference of 7.4 lbs. So he is definitely quickly growing and gaining weight.

I also never told y’all, ‘cause I thought it was unbelievable, but Liam was rolling over onto his side by the first Monday we had him home, when he was five days old. The doctor gave me an explanation though. I guess in small babies they are much more mobile because their little muscles have less of them to move. I imagine with the rate at which he’s growing he’ll lose this ability and then regain it after he grows stronger, but it’s a cute one for the baby book (The one I purchased, but haven’t recorded anything into yet.)

I also had a lovely time hanging out with Lisa last weekend. After my last post she declared that she was getting me out of the house. We went to a neat little place called The Work*Shop where they have all the stuff set up for you to make crafts. I made a mosaic lightswitch plate. It was my first mosaic project and I really enjoyed it. Of course, I could have left it there and they would have done the grouting on it for me, but I opted to bring it home and grout it myself. So now I figure that it will never actually get done. We had a good time and it was nice to focus on something that was totally frivolous.


tapestrygirl said...

YAY!!! i've missed you! i'm so glad you got the baby whisperer...i was totally freaked out about the ferber book....shhh you guys!

tapestrygirl said...

ps...dr. sears books are pretty good in my opinion...found them all very baby friendly

J Bo said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you!! I got your card- thank you!! It is Darian who is the 'gourmet girl'; she picked out the blanket for Liam!!

Pearl said...

Excellent set of news. Do you think you'll take up sign language? Kids can learn to talk before their larynx allows them to and can communicate requests early.