Wednesday, April 26


Snoozing on Mommy's shoulder, originally uploaded by loralia.

I was given orders by the hospital not to lift anything heavier than the baby. When I looked at my nurse deadpan and said, “That’s a bag of sugar.” She qualified, “Nothing more than eight pounds.” I was also told not to drive for two weeks after discharge. To me these instructions seemed just a little extreme. I’m sure they just have them in place to cover liability in even that I should over do it. However, I followed them the best I could until last night when I broke.

My nerves were a little raw when my hubby got home. I had been holding Liam all day because he decided he wanted to sleep on me and immediately became upset when laid down in his bassinet. Although I’m getting better and better at one handed operations, holding a baby severely limits my ability to do most everything. I was feeling isolated and housebound and generally a little stir-crazy. Immediately after he got home my husband announced he was going to go fly his model airplane and he disappeared into his garage workshop. After one more failed attempt to put Liam down, I walked into the garage, fussing baby and all, and announced that I was harboring fantasies of sabotaging his flying fleet.

This got his attention and he proceeded to explain to me that despite my accusation that he was off flying all the time, he hadn’t been out to the flying field since Saturday. However, I didn’t really care. Besides our trip to the hospital I had been stuck in the house for over two weeks and I had been alone with Liam all day. I needed a break. I needed to be able to use both my arms at the same time. I desperately needed to get out of the house.

Let me add here that I have been using the wonderful sling that my dear friend tapestrygirl sent to me to carry Liam around in while he’s awake, but at this point I’m just not comfortable with him lying down in it. I think I’ll have to make a point to practice this and get more use to it.

Without missing a beat, my wonderful hubby put his airplane stuff away and took over in holding Liam, while I gleefully enjoyed the use of both arms to take care of a few odds and ends in the kitchen and in creating a shopping list for my husbands planned trip to the grocery store. Liam slept on. However, fast approaching was Liam’s next mealtime and I was enjoying movement way too much. We had been planning on experimenting with how Liam took a bottle of breast milk sometime this week, and I had some ready for him in the fridge. My husband helped me rationalize out of following my discharge orders and I skipped off to the grocery store while hubby prepared himself to handle mealtime. You know you’ve been cooped up at home too long, when a trip to the grocery store feels like a fun adventure: people, sounds, lights, variety. It was also wonderful to be able to buy some of the things we had been doing without because despite his best efforts and my super organized shopping list my husband had been unable to find them.

Liam took the bottle without a problem and has had no problems at his feedings since, so we plan to make one feeding a day from a bottle to keep him adaptable and to allow me to get a break when needed.

Today Liam has been much more cooperative. He fell asleep in his stroller on our morning walk and then after lunch he settled into his bassinette for his afternoon nap without protest. I’ve already called my husband and suggested that he go flying tonight instead, reassuring him that both his airplanes and I would be fine if he did.


Sue said...

Sounds like you're both (well, all three of you) doing really well with the newborn stage! That's great that your husband's so flexible and able to take over. I was going to ask if you were using one of the slings for newborns - is it one that goes around one shoulder like a sort of very wide sash? They didn't have those when my sons were little (not in the UK, anyway) but I've seen them used in recent years and they look wonderful.

Gorgeous photo, btw, I love the little pixie hat.

gypsy said...

What an adjustment!! He looks great. Sweeter than Splenda.

Contemplative Activist said...

He is beautiful Lora.

It sounds like you're feeling pretty good after giving birth :)

Glad you enjoyed the supermarket - best get hubby to take you somewhere more exciting soon ;)!


utenzi said...

A lovely Liam you have there, Lora.

I'd say that for at least the first 6 - 8 weeks of a babe's life, both parents have to be there full time as long as they aren't at work. I can't believe you've let him go fly planes at all, Lora. Given how stir crazy new moms can be plus the spectre of PP Blues on the horizon, your husband should be doing more!

Lora said...

Thanks for looking out for me, but I assure you my husband is doing lots. We are juggling things back and forth quite well and my husband has developed a new appreciation for all the stuff I do around the house. I'm slowly taking back over, but he's still doing a good chunk of it. However, just like I need time for my friends and fun things, so does he. His planes are not just a hobby it's how he hangs out with his friends. The best way for us both to avoid the blues is by leaving some time for fun between fussy episodes. 24/7 of nothing but baby and work would just leave us fried. A couple hours off here and there really improves the quality of the time we spend with Liam.

Pearl said...

How lovely to get a short break. I know what you mean about how exciting the grocery store outing can be when you've been stir crazy.

J Bo said...

I can't beleive you hadn't gone *completely* stir crazy being in the house for 2 weeks. I know that at two weeks PP, I was a basket case- with leaving the house quite often. (I've already pre-booked my Prozac for when our new baby arrives. Hee!)

You crack me up with your trip to the grocery store!! Glad to hear things are going so well for you!!

bdogg_mcgee said...

This is totally off topic, but I noticed your comment on Lisa's blog, and wanted to tell you that Alias, best show evah, comes on at 7 pm Wednesdays on ABC.


Liam is such a doll! Hopefully I'll be able to get down there for a visit and hold him sometime soon.....

Anvilcloud said...

I'd be quite happy to take him off you hands for a few hours.