Saturday, April 22

Ten Days Old

I'm not sure if photo credits should go to Lisa or LostinTX on this one. They
were passing the camera back and forth.

Today is Liam’s tenth day breathing air and each day has been an adventure for him, me and for my husband. I’ve so wanted to write about each new discovery, but alas I have five half written posts that I have gotten called away from finishing for one reason or another. It looks like I may have to adapt my writing style to fit our new situation.

Last Saturday was our first full day home from the hospital and what a better day to have houseguests. After Liam’s marathon feeding to establish a good milk supply, I was running on about three hours of sleep. However, Liam got to meet his paternal Grandpa and his Nana Nancy. They live on Virginia and do not often get to Texas, but were in Houston to celebrate Liam’s Great-Grandmother, Grandbenna’s, 90th birthday celebration. I’m so glad that they were able to make the long drive up to see him despite the fact that he only opened his eyes once during their entire visit .

Sunday, Liam had his first doctor’s appointment. Yes, on Sunday, Easter Sunday. The excellent pediatric practice that I set him up with is open everyday for at least a few hours, I think even on Christmas. It was also our first time trying to get some where with baby in hand. My husband and I both abhor being late and we weren’t. Although we did arrive somewhat dazed and disheveled, we got through it with just one squabble, which is pretty impressive considering our lack of sleep.

Our pediatric group makes it a practice to see new babies when they are four days old. I think the mainly use it to touch base with new parents and to evaluate newborns for jaundice. He was looking a bit yellow so they drew blood from him in form of a heel stick. A heel stick involves puncturing a vein in his heel and then squeezing it until they have enough blood. I had been warned of such a practice and his Daddy held him firmly during the trauma, but it was by no means fun for any of us. However, I was totally caught of guard when I saw the actual tube of blood. It was just a teeny little tube, perhaps an inch and a half to two inches long, but when I saw it I felt totally violated. I felt like they had just stolen my son’s hard earned blood. He ended up only being moderately jaundice and didn’t need any phototherapy for it. It peaked soon after the appointment and has since pretty much gone away, leaving him a yummy pink color all over.

Sunday, was a busy day for the little fellow. After his doctor's appointment he had the pleasure of receiving LostinTX and Lisa for a visit. Lisa had visited us while were still in the hospital, but he had just gotten circumcised and was sleeping to deal with the trauma. Actually he slept through most of this visit too, despite the tactics I tried to perk him up. Perhaps it was the trauma of the heel stick; perhaps it was just being a sleepy newborn. Anyways, I really enjoyed their visit as I had seen nobody except for family and medical personnel for the past several days. Plus Lisa brought brownies.

Well, I’ve gotta go and I’ll continue to give you a sketch of his week when I can. I just wanted to reassure you that I wasn’t running off with my baby and keeping him to myself. He’s keeping me in awe and on my toes. I worrying over little things and sliding back and forth on how much sleep I'm getting by on, but I wouldn't change a thing. We are so glad we finally took the plundge to have a child and I plan on telling the whole world about was an amazing little guy he is.


Mike said...

Yay!!! Good for you guys, I'm glad it's all worth it and you're taking it all in stride. What a lucky guy to have you as parents and you to have him.

J Bo said...

Sounds like you are easing into parenthood well! Good for you! Hope you can get some sleep. :)

LostInTX said...

I love when he scrunches his nose like that! :)

Contemplative Activist said...

Doh - how did I miss all this. Too much work, not enough blogging...


What a beautiful baby and Liam is a beautiful name.

You must be so happy :)


Lisa said...

He has the cutest little expressions!