Thursday, June 15


This afternoon, about halfway to work, I momentarily went into a full and complete utter panic. It seems I’ve gotten so use to having Liam with me at all times that spazzed as I realized he wasn’t there. Then the logical part of my brain kicked in and I remembered that I am on my way to work. He doesn’t go to work with me. I had kissed him goodbye just ten minutes earlier, as I left him in the very able hands of his grandmother.


utenzi said...

Wow. That motherhood thing can really change a person, Lora. Obviously Liam is such a priority that he over-writes your thinking regardless of what else you're doing. What a great Mom you are!

Pearl said...

Natural enough. I still panic and think I've lost my engagement ring and it's been over a decade since i switched it to my "married finger". Body memory is powerful.

Anonymous said...

Is everything ok?