Saturday, July 8

Er, hi!

I just got a sweet little comment from Anonymous, asking if everything is okay.

Yes, everything is okay. Actually I should rephase myself, I got the comment on Wednesday, but I hadn't even checked that account, because I've been so busy, but everything is still okay. I knew I had been ignoring my blog (and missed it and felt bad about it), but now almost a month has gone by. Ooops!

I have to say that I've been having some problems finding balance in my life lately. I mentioned that I joined a couple mommy groups because I was going stir crazy. Well, I created a monster. I ended up joining 5, yes 5. Then I got suckered into becoming an assistant organizer on one of them and then the organizer ended up having lots of family in town and then a family emergency and now she's out of town. I'm also now working 3 evenings a week. oh and I just started a diet. and my husband and I are totally revamping our finances and I'm the bookeeper in the family. and I have a delightful, quickly growing little boy that I am trying to be the very best mommy too.

However, I'm not going stir crazy anymore. I've gotten quite comfortable taking Liam places and have am getting to know some terrific moms and thier kiddos. I'm learning the area we live in better and making great connections for information and resources as well as making friends.

I know I'm doing to much at the present and my blog has been an easy thing to cut out. However, I know I need to get a little more grounded again. I think it's good to be a little bored sometimes, just a little. It forces you to be more creative and to better appreciate things. I've been working on my schedule to pare things down a bit and eventually things will get back in balance again. I know I can't keep up doing what I'm doing. So I'm not quite making my every other day posting promise, but I will start paying attention to my blog again. I know I feel better for having put up this quick note.

But now I must go and get ready for work. Liam gets to hang out with Daddy tonight!


Pearl said...

Glad to hear an update.

re: mommy groups In for a penny, in for a pound, eh?

J Bo said...

Good to hear from you! Don't take on too much, k? A good mommy always knows when to say NO!

Sue said...

Glad to hear things are going well. It seems strange that one small person can make SUCH a difference to the lives of two adults... but it can take months to adjust fully! Life is never the same again.