Tuesday, July 11

Locked Out

Today, we were going to meet some friends at the library and Liam extended his morning nap making us leave the house after we were already supposed to be there. I also had some errands to run so I got everything organized so that when he woke up we could run out the door, meet up at least briefly with our friends and run a few errands before Liam’s next nap and feeding cycle began.

Yes, very nice in theory, except for the part where I double-checked to see if I had my keys before I shut the door. See I thought that I found my keys, but I really only had the thing I connect my keys too and my keys were lying in their home in my office. I realized this one and a half seconds after I had shut the door, locked behind us.

So here you have me, Liam, and all our junk stuck outside the house with both the house and the car keys locked inside. At least, I didn’t forget my cell phone, this time. I made the round of phone calls to my husband, my mother–in-law and the people we were suppose to be meeting and didn’t get a hold of them the first try. My blood pressure dropped when we got in touch with Lyn on the second try.

One of the great things about his job is he’s able to slip in a side trip here and there. He still had over an hours worth of work to do on his current job so he left it to rescue us and returned to finish it afterward. However, he was still over a thirty-minute drive away. Meanwhile we took a stroll around the neighborhood and one of my friend’s called and then stopped by to keep us company as we waited. My MIL got in touch only a short while later.

It’s great to have good back up, but lesson learned. I added on to my list of errands in big letters: GET COPIES OF KEYS MADE!!!.


Anvilcloud said...

Yup, got copies -- just don't know where they are. Locked in the house, I guess. :)

J Bo said...

I've locked myself out of my house so many times that *two* of my neighbors have copies! (In case one neighbor isn't home, I have the other for backup!)

utenzi said...

Oh, Lora! I'm glad your husband was able to get home quickly. With Liam being so young, it'd not be good, in that hot Austin sun, to be outside too long. a stroll around the neighborhood is great tho.

Pearl said...

Glad you got back into the house. I hate it when I lock myself out.

Would that be interesting?


terrilynn said...

I did that this winter, only worse. I went out and started the car, then locked the damned keys in the running vehicle, which of course I discovered after I had come back out, closing the locked front door behind me. It was soooo cold and S was 30 minutes away and I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet. I'm glad you and your Liam are all right.