Tuesday, January 23

Gee, Thanks!

It does seem that I'm back to regular blogging again. I really missed it, and missed my blogging buddies. I still have a lot of catch up and blog maintance to do, but it's good to be back. Thanks to everybody for their welcomes and for not giving up on me.

On Sunday I worked. That's been my only regular shift or a while now, but this week I started working Monday evenings too. Lyn and I committed to not leaving Liam with any non-family members for his first year and so far we've managed to do it. Liam has gotten so much more time with Lyn then he would have otherwise making me think that it was one of the best choices we've made. Lyn is of the opinion that every father should have one day a week where they are the sole caregiver.

Beginning in a few weeks, I'll be working a 16 hour shift every Sunday. Not fun, but it seems to be our best option for meeting our goals for getting out of debt and for not tossing him into daycare. That means you can pretty much guarentee that I won't be posting on Sundays and Mondays will be hit or miss until we get the kinks of our new schedule worked out.

This afternoon my mother-in-law came over, we had a nice little visit and then she stayed with Liam for a couple hours until Lyn got home from work. We normally see her once every week or two and since he's begun the whole seperation and stranger anxiety thing I was questioning how well he would stay with her. Well, today when she got here he reached to go into her arms and then stayed there quite happily until he decieded his toys were more interesting. He's only done that with Lyn and I before so that was a big step. I gather that they had a very smooth afternoon together. He didn't make any fuss about me leaving and he went down for his nap for her without an issue. She's going to stay with him every Monday for our overlap so this was a huge relief for me. I'm actually quite excited that they are now going to have a chance to build up more of a regular relationship, which makes me feel much better about my increase in hours.

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oceanskies79 said...

Welcome back to blogging, Lora. Missing you a bit. :)