Wednesday, January 17


Values it all seems to be a matter of values. How much of my time do I want to spend pumping and worrying about my milk supply so that I can use breast milk in Liam’s cereal? What efforts am I willing to go through to replenish my freezer stock? How long is long enough? How much is enough and at cost to what other things?

How long before my supply takes another blow and I need to have that stock to fall back on? Exactly how exclusive does one year have to be? One shouldn't cry over split milk, but I do.

For now I pump, once a day at night to fill that freezer back up. I feed him 5 times a day. I use my milk in his cereal. I do this until my freezer is full again. One year is one year. I do this because it is important to me. I hate pumping. Moo.

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