Monday, May 16

The Adventure Continues...

Star Wars Horoscope for Gemini

Like most Geminis, you are a playful little creature.
You tend to be extremely curious, craving knowledge but sometimes having a short attention span.
For the most part, you are charming and loveable.
But at times, you can seem scattered and high-strung.

Star wars character you are most like: Ewoks

I just couldn't resist sharing this. They're so cute and fuzzy. I have to say they're not to far off in the comparison.

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colleen said...

Hi Lora,
Well it's my birthday today and I'm Chewbaca! I will eventually check out the Myers Brigg types. My husband is a counselor and has told me about it. But, although I love systems like that, I've been slow to look at it because I am so sold on the enneagram system of personality types. You can search for it if your interested. There's tons out there on it. I usually read Helen Palmer's work. I nailed me more than astrology. I'm a 5. (and now you know everything). So are the INFJ blogs on your list all that type?