Tuesday, May 17

Have camera, will travel

Saturday, I went and took my walk at Town Lake, as I said I would. I’ve found that something about going down there is incredibly inspiring. As I skip along my merry way my brain travels at a mile per nanosecond with all the sites, sounds and imaginings. On this particular visit I decided to bring my camera along, so that I might capture and share some of the funny and beautiful things I would see along my way. I found that having my camera with me turned it into an entirely different experience altogether.

First, I learned that all those instantaneous things I glimpse, happen far to quickly to capture on film. Stimulus, to eye, to brain, to hand, to camera on and ready, to camera up to eye pointed in the right direction (nevertheless artfully focused), to slow shutter speed of digital camera, and stimulus has long since past and is down the road.

Secondly, a huge part of the problem of taking good photographs of people in that, well, they’re people. The second I try to take a picture of a stranger I feel the need to apologize and explain myself. I’m afraid that people are going to think I’m a stalker, a pervert and a freak. I can hear them demanding to know why I’m taking their picture and what I’m planning to do with it; these are questions that I really don’t have answers for. Not only do I feel like I am opening myself up for confrontation, but I feel like I myself am being incredibly confrontational, by the simple act of pointing and shooting. And it's not like I want to take their photo after I've spoken to them and gotten permission, all they then do is stand there and pose with a goofy grin.

Also, I’ve found that when you have a camera with you to record all the exciting things you are planning on seeing, they just don’t happen. Oh, I’m sure it was just as beautiful a day as usual, with as many good sites, but my mind just didn’t let them happen. I'm expecting stupendous. It's like you're too busy looking for something beauty to see the beauty happening all around you.

I was rather disappointed on the whole, but I did get a few decent shots.


Pearl said...

I know what you mean. Maybe that's why some tourists walk around like Borg with a prosthetic lens. They get good shots. Experience their own experiences almost vicariously but rarely miss a shot.

andrea said...

yes, it's a funny thing. I have missed some potentially phenomenal 'people' shots (usually while traveling) because I felt too embarassed or self-conscious... never really know if I am stepping over the line or not, you know?

Lora said...

Andrea I know, it especially difficult when you're traveling, because you don't know the local feelings about such things. Of course, that doesn't stop a lot of people. I guess it's finding that fine line.

Pearl- You've given me this mental image of the Borg taking over Town Lake.

Catez said...

Well this shot is wonderful. It evokes the innocence and peace of a child in the midst of nature. It has a stillness which is also speaking. I like it.