Tuesday, May 17

Ten on Tuesday: Products You "Can't" Live Without

Obviously, I can get by without any or all of these, but I couldn't be very happy about it.
  1. Blistex: Ultra Protection
  2. Stonyfield or Brown Cow Fat Free or Low Fat Yogurt; Plain, Vanilla, or Lemon.
  3. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes: Slate or Blue/Grey
  4. o.b.
  5. Excedrin: There's no substitute for the headache medicine
  6. Franklin Covey Planner: One-Page-Per-Day
  7. Oral-B Dental Floss
  8. Microsoft Money
  9. Kiss My Face Olive Bar Soap: Lavender or Chamomille
  10. Henkels Knives: Five Star
There are so many other products I also rely upon, but I'm a little more flexible with them. These are the few products where I think that brand really does matter.


Sue said...

Wow, other than the Oral-B dental floss, I don't think I've even heard of any of those brands! Well OK, I've heard of Microsoft... but avoid their products as far as possible. However I don't know of any of the others at all!

J Bo said...

Hi Lora!

I have been lurking on your site- linked through k's- enjoying your posts. I especially like that you like the blogthings quizey things- one of my favorite online things to do! And I really like this list! I think I am going to copy it over on my blog. :)


J Bo
(I don't make mention of it on my site, but I'm an ENTJ!)

Lora said...

Sue-I'm not suprised that you haven't heard of them. Most are American products and a couple are things I have to go out of the way to get. However, I believe Clinique is a British line and Henkels are German.

J Bo- Thanks for coming out of hiding. I clicked on your profile, but it didn't give me a link to your blog, so I guess I'll have to find you through Lively Writhing.

I'm glad you like the meme's and quizes I've been doing. They're easy to over do and I try to prevent them from drowning out my voice. I find them to be a lot of fun and a good way to see new interesting blogs.

My sister in-law in an ENTJ and we get along very well. Not that I have half a chance of keeping up with her.

J Bo said...

Ha! I always feel like I can't keep up with others; no one has ever commented that they can't keep up with me. I'm really a lazy, slacker mom. :)

Ya, I noticed that about blogger, so here is my link:


Good to finally meet you! And congrats on your plants! Me, I can't even grow mold properly.

Sue said...

Yes, now you mention it, Clinique does sound vaguely familiar as a brand. I don't use any make-up which is probably why it didn't leap out at me as something I know of.

My younger son is ENTJ, he keeps us all in order sometimes :-)