Monday, May 30

The garden isn’t going so well.

We can kiss the dill goodbye. It was attacked my one huge and five small moth caterpillars that I just didn’t catch in time. I thought it might perk back up, but I believe it has declined past any chance of return.

Also, if you remember those cute little tomatoes? Both of them developed black spots; so, I had to remove them from the plant. There is at least one more baby tomato on the plant right now. It looks to be developing well.

My pepper plant is getting tall and has lots of blossoms, but so far it has aborted all it’s developing buds. I read that pepper plants like cool nights and that I may have to wait until the weather cools down for fruit, which really is to bad. There is one bud that’s looking promising; I guess we’ll see.

My cucumber plant is trying very hard to take over the patio, but still no fruit or even any attempts at fruit so far. I’m thinking the blossoms might not be getting fertilized, because I believe it should be baring fruit by now. I bought it ten weeks ago.

The rest of the herbs are doing great, especially the basil plant. I'm thinking up nice ways to use them. This week, I’m planning on making up a nice batch of pesto; It will be my first time making it ever.


Julie said...

Sorry to hear you've been having so much trouble. I hope you get it sorted out.
Have you ever made bruschetta? It's really simple--fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil. Chop them all up, add a touch of olive oil, let it stand for a while then serve over toasted french bread. A yummy use for fresh basil! :)

Sue said...

Oh no, how depressing. That's rather what happened to our tomatoes and peppers last year when it started to get hot. I think there needs to be something that's the opposite of a greenhouse for people trying to grow stuff in hot countries!

Waterfall said...

So sorry about your dill & everything else. :( Last year our thyme and parsley did beautifully, the rosemary sort of limped along, and the other herbs just kind of came and went. And we planted our tomatoes and peppers too late to yield anything edible. Hopefully things will be better this year.

Glad to hear that your other herbs are doing well!

Lora said...

Julie I love bruschetta although I normally just eat it out in restaurants. Maybe I'll make up a batch next time we have people over.

Mainly my gardening problems are due to lack of knowledge the heat down here goes completely against my instincts, but I guess if you don't try you don't learn. Depressing thing is that we had a light hail and thunderstorm on Sunday night. I was worried that things would get waterlogged so I tipped each of the pots a bit to better drain them. My pepper plant flopped over and I couldn't get it up quite right. It ended up snapping and I lost half the plant. :(