Friday, June 10

Friday's Feast: Fifty-one

My monstrous cucumber plant that is yet to produce fruit.
Name one thing that made you sad this week.
I definitely avoid sad, real sad that is. The Aviator which we watched on Wednesday, made me feel sad.

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What was the last object (not person) you took a picture of?
My monstrous cucumber plant, see picture above. There actually is one cucumber on it, but it's deformed.

Who do you talk to when you need help in making a decision?
I tend to think on things rather then talk about them. Once I'm pretty sure, I'll talk to my husband and get his feedback. While I'm still gathering information I'll talk to just about anybody who I think might be able to provide good information, but I sift through it by on my own.

Main Course
If you were a weather event, what would you be, and why?
I think I would be a flood. Floods are expected phenomnon that sometimes get out of control. They keep you on your toes, but they don't catch you totally by suprise.
In the grand scheme of things, they are very much healthful for the land, but their benefits are not always obvious, or appreciated. I had to consult Wikipedia to decide this one.

Suggest a website that you think your readers would enjoy visiting.
I think y'all will like this quick, easy and Color Quiz. Here are my results, I wish they were less accurate then they are.

I'd also really like my American readers to check out this One.

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain


emaleejayne said...

Hi Lora! I took that Color Quiz and found the results to be horribly negative! I hope I'm not THAT disturbed! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele sent me. What interesting answers... Your cucumber plant looks awesome... maybe it will produce some good food soon. We just planted a bunch of stuff and we're waiting in anticipation of watermelons, canteloupe, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Have fun!

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Hello Michele sent me.

Funny you grew up in the Hudson Valley: I grew up in Monticello.

terrilynn said...

Hi, I'm here from Michele today. I usually visit anyway, but I'm terribly behind in my bloghopping this week. Your new look is wonderful!

chatty said...

I've not seen this meme before. Neat.

Michele sen tme.

Julie said...

Who is Michelle, and can she send some people my way?? :)
V. strange quiz--not happy with my results either...echo emaleejayne's thoughts!

Stephanie said...

Neat! I'll check out this color quiz. Speaking of being a flood... you'd fit right in here in Colorado today. :)

Lora said...

Sorry to all about the Color Quiz. I didn't realize it was so morbid.

Julie- Michele's link is in my sidebar, near the bottom. You'll love her site. Some silly, some serious and lots of social. People have been dropping by from her Weekend/ 3 Day Meet and Greet. I've found lots of good sites thanks to her.

Sarah- I'm from Kingston!

Sue said...

I did the colour quiz but thought it was OK... quite surprisingly accurate but not morbid. I can't see your results, the link just leads to the results page and nothing shows unless I've just done the quiz.

colleen said...

Hi Lora, (everytime I write that, I think that you were at one time Laura and how much more I like the look of Lora). I answered these questions on someone else's site:
1. Thinking about my 2 brothers who died nearly 4 years ago.
2. A tea set on my picnic table.
3. My husband...girlfriends too.
4. A light drizzle while the sun is still out.
5. Someone suggested to me, but I don't have the right set up to get to it. I keep meaning to access it from the library or somewhere. WOW I have my own name category below. That makes commenting so much easier! Thanks.

colleen said...

Color test results: Imaginative and sensitive; seeking an outlet for these qualities--especially in the company of someone equally sensitive. Interest and enthusiasm are readily aroused by the unusual or the adventurous. What did you get?

Lora said...

Sorry I didn't realize you needed a cookie to view the results. Mine start out: Seeks to express the need for identification in a sensitive and intimate atmosphere where esthetic or emotional delicacy can be protected and nurtured. It basicly goes on that my avoidance of negative emotions lead me to be distant, self-willed and anal -retentive. Not the first way I would describe myself, but truer then I'd like to admit.

Colleen-I have no idea what you mean, by name category, but if you like it I'll gladly take credit.

Paula said...

Hi. I came here via Catez. The color quiz results were not disturbing to me since they were accurate and if I had been able to articulate my situation and characteristics in those words, I would have been 'dead-on.' Nice to meet you. Nice photography.

tapestrygirl said...

hiya love
i liked the flood comment. i certainly did not put much thought into mine.