Thursday, June 9


Model airplanes in waiting, from our Flying Field adventure.

Last night we picked up The Aviator from Blockbuster. It has definitely left an impression on me and was well done. Best acting I've ever seen by Leo. It is a story of madness and of a man coming to face that he is going mad. Cate Blanchett served up a memorable performance and supporting role. Kate Beckinsale di a good job as Ava Gardner.

Obsession. Perfectionism. Madness. Good viewing on many levels.

It was incredibly nice to spend the evening with my husband; dinner with a new recipe that we both loved, a casual walk around the neighborhood, and a movie at home. With our work schedules this doesn't happen very often. I was cherishing it so much that I started to really resent that we don't have it happen more often.

While I haven't given notice at work yet, I did manage to casually mention to my boss that he should expect it soon. I want to look for something else, but I just keep dragging my feet. I could do anything, if only I knew what it was I wanted to do.


Stephanie said...

Sorry if I missed this elsewhere on your blog, but what is your job, the one you're wanting to quit?

Stephanie said...

Oh - just spotted it as I finished commenting. You wait tables! I should share my part-time job with you because I LOVE it... and I'll be happy to if you're interested. :)

Melody said...

Oww your evening sounded lovely. I haven't seen The Aviator as of yet, but I do want to one day.

I am here via Michele. Have a great weekend.

K Jones said...

Oh, to have a date with my wife. I am so envious.

Lora said...

That's really nice of you Stephanie. I'm actually trying to make some decisions on what I want to do career wise.

I've considered so many things, but haven't actually jumped in and given many things a try.I like to have things figured out before I start acting on them, which holds me back from a lot of acting.

k jones- It's nice to see that you understand

-E said...

I enjoyed The Aviator as well.

Oh, and I see you're living in Austin, that's where I live. Always fun to "meet" others on here from Austin :)

Michele sent me.

J Bo said...

It's hard work to find your bliss, Lora, and I am sure that you will find yours in no time. You never know when opportunity will come a knockin'. Sorry for the cliche, but, you know I mean well. :)