Wednesday, June 29

A little bit of this! A little bit of that!

Today was a very pleasant day. I have tonight off work, so it’s been rather leisurely. I managed to get lots of odds and ends errands taken care. I was feeling too lazy to cook so we went out to the restaurant that I work at for a very quick and simple meal.

It’s always so awkward when I go eat at work with my husband. My husband just doesn’t get restaurant culture. It’s like I’m on stage when I’m in that situation. I have no problem with this and just adapt accordingly, but my husband just retreats. He loves to eat there, but doesn’t understand why nobody will leave us alone. My coworkers are all friendly and excited to see us. They rarely see me in my off hours and see even less of him. They are curious and want to talk to us, but Mr. Logical is just there to eat. They're good people and I enjoy their interest. I do wish he would play along a little better. I try to explain to him that he just needs to smile, ask them a couple questions and let them talk, but he really doesn’t care to get it.

See excited explaination below!
We were just in and out before the dinner crowd got going. My husband was anxious to get home and spend some quality time working on his latest model airplane project while I attempt to blog as we listen to Team America. Did I mention that I don’t multitask well?

My husband picked out Team America for our Sunday dinner and a movie date with his parents. They hated it. He loves it. I’m tolerating it. The same people who do South Park made it. At the risk of being accused of having no sense of humor; I’m not a big fan.

On other fronts, I haven’t heard back yet on my job interview. I honestly didn’t expect to hear from him until the end of the week anyway, but a girl can hope can’t she. Monday is Independence Day, so if I haven’t heard from him by Tuesday I’ll call him then.

Now that I’m better prepared for a job hunt I really should just search for other attractive options. I know they exist. I like to have closure with one thing before I move on to the next, but I know that’s not practical. All of those wiggly little thoughts are creeping in and critiquing what I could have or should have done differently. I just keep thinking that it’s job-hunting experience. Experience is good.

While trying to decide how to properly illustrate this post, I remembered seeing a South Park Studio. It lets you create your own South Park character. I saw it a while back and I honestly don’t remember how I came across it, but a quick google search and it was quickly located.

Past failures made me uncertain if I would be able to post my creation so I headed straight for the help menu. There they give simple instructions on how to do a screen shot and how to get it into a graphics program. This may not be new to you, but it was new to me so I thought I’d share the toy and the knowledge.

I had alot of fun creating my South Park self-portrait. If you post one let me know so I can be make sure I see it.


gypsy said...

I tolerated Team America with my ex. Truth be told, I kinda liked it, but once was definitly enough.

In response to your book question:
I just started Margaret Atwood's "Blind Assassin" -- so far very good.

For fun, read Tim Sandlin's "Skipped Parts" trilogy.

Read anything by Philip Roth, but especially "The Human Stain"

Have you read "The Virgin Suicides"? I thought the movie was just okay, but likely the book will be better. I'll try it next.

Lora said...

I was disappointed by "The Virgin Suicides" It's a very good book, but it has a completely different feel and perspective then "Middlesex." I haven't seen the movie.

I also haven't read "Blind Assassin"

By the end of "Team America" I had to admit it was funny, but once was definitely enough. My in-laws had us turn it off ten minutes in on Sunday. So much for giving things a chance.

andrea said...

no, I'm not a big 'south park' fan, either, but the studio looks fun.

deb said...

I lasted through an entire 30 minutes of Team America and I'm really not that hard to please ;~)

RANDI said...

Your self portrait is great! Very fun!